Hands-Only CPR / Compression-Only CPR is Fast Easy and Inexpensive to Learn - (Minneapolis)

Posted on: 12/12/17


Is it true that CPR is now performed without breaths? The short answer is NO. Is it true that hands-only CPR (also known as compression-only CPR) saves lives? The short answer is YES. So, while traditional CPR (with both compressions and breaths) is slightly more effective, compression-only CPR DOES serve a purpose. It circulates blood (containing a residual amount of oxygen left in the body) to help keep a person's brain and other vital organs alive a bit longer, while waiting for more advanced medical personnel to arrive and take over care. And the sooner that CPR (of any kind) begins, the better the chances are for a positive outcome. So, in essence, it is an important tool in the life-saving toolbox. The best part? Hands-only CPR is incredibly fast and easy to learn. And, because it takes only about one hour of your time — as opposed to around four hours for a traditional CPR class — it's also very affordable, in terms of both money and time. To learn more, and to schedule a class for you and your employees, colleagues, friends, relatives, etc., go to http://www.cpr-twincities.com/hands-only.

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