The Basics What to Do In Case of a Medical Emergency - (Minneapolis)

Posted on: 12/24/17


Does it ever worry you that you wouldn't know what to do to help a family member, a friend, a co-worker or even a stranger in a medical emergency? You know you'd probably feel horrible for the rest of your life if you knew that you could have helped — but didn't — because you'd never bothered to get basic CPR and First Aid training. Why live with such regrets? Why not simply take a class every couple of years so that you are mentally and physically prepared for such medical emergencies? Nothing too difficult. Just the basics so that you can recognize a medical emergency, activate the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system for a 911 ambulance, and take some initial steps to help while waiting for more advanced care to arrive.At CPR-Twin Cities, we can give you that education, teach you those skills, to enable you to help save a life. And we can put together a class for you and your co-workers, friends, family-members, etc., and bring it to your workplace or your home (pretty much anywhere in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area). Seriously, it can't get much more convenient than that! Please visit our website at to see your options. Then give us a call at (651) 699-3333 to set up a time and place to hold your class.

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